Twinkle - Creation 2018

On tour, Young audience 0-3 years-old

« Twinkle » is a sensory, poetic, immersive and interactive performance piece created for very young children - from birth to three years old - and for the adults accompanying them.

« Twinkle » is composed in two parts. It begins with a performance. The audience is seated around a bamboo structure. An aerial dancer, a singer, and a percussionist move around and within the structure, creating an atmosphere inspired by the relation of the moon, the earth, and the sun - expressing sensations and emotions that evoke the passage from earth to sky, and from night to day.

This is followed by a time for play, an invitation to come to the floor at the children’s level, and to reverse the way we look at them. The performers encourage the audience, children as well as adults, to explore and touch the bamboo structure - and to express whatever they are feeling though voice and movement. For a time, adults are guided and inspired by the children. Let us be nourished by their curiosity!

Technical details

Duration 40 min
Age  0-3 years old
Places Indoor, outdoor, non dedicated places

Artistic team

Collective creation by
Chloé Cassagnes, colors and objets
Sika Gblondoumé, composition
Olivier Lerat, composition
Cécile Mont-Reynaud, conception

Set design / rig
Gilles Fer

Isabelle Cerneau


On stage
Cécile Mont-Reynaud, danse aérienne
Sika Gblondoumé, mouvements et voix
En alternance avec Ananda Montange, danse aérienne et voix
Olivier Lerat, instruments et voix

Teaser - Twinkler indoor

Teaser - Twinkle indoor




Compagnie Lunatic


Coproductions et soutiens

Ville de Romainville (93)
Département de la Seine-Saint-Denis (93)
Département du Val d’Oise dans le cadre de la Biennale européenne en Val d’Oise
Premières rencontres - Art, petite enfance et spectacle vivant - Compagnie ACTA
DRAC-Ile de-France - Aide à la production
DRAC-Ile de-France dans le cadre du réseau Courte Echelle
Festival 1.9.3 soleil (93)
Compagnie ACTA  (95) dans le cadre de Pépite, pôle d’accompagnement à la création jeune public

Dispositif Hisse et Oh! Artistes et petite enfance (Département 93)

Résidences et autres soutiens

Le Palais des Fêtes de Romainville (93)

Maison de l'enfance de Romainville (93)

Espace Jacques Brel de Romainville (93)

Lieu de la Cie ACTA à Villiers-le-Bel (95)

Crèches de la ville de Villiers-le-Bel (95)

Théâtre des Roches à Montreuil (93)

Crèche départementale Lucie Aubrac à Bondy (93)