Fileuse - Creation 2015

On tour, For all audiences

« Fileuse » (« Spinner ») is an aerial and poetic solo performance that unfolds in sound and space, like a vertical intimate diary. Suspended within an astonishing structure made of thousands of fine cotton strings, the acrobat's movements evoke the passage of time, the cycles of life, and the close relationship we have with our bodies.

Her breath is amplified and processed, using her body as a musical instrument which becomes part of the electro-acoustic score by Wilfried Wendling, which also includes the vibrant words of the poet Laurence Vielle. This accompaniment envelops the audience and inhabits the movement, creating multiple resonances between the performer, the audience, the space, and the imagination, blurring the boundaries between what's inside and outside.

« Fileuse » can be viewed as a performance, but its monumental self-sustaining structure can also be experienced by itself as a spatial and sound installation. It resonates in different ways in relation to its surroundings, whether in theaters, urban spaces, outdoors, or other unusual environments.

Technical details

Duration 35 min
Age  For all audiences
Places Indoor, outdoor, non dedicated places

Artistic team

Aerial dancer / direction
Cécile Mont-Reynaud

Laurence Vielle

Musical composition / sound design
Wilfried Wendling

Set design / rig
Gilles Fer

Annie Leuridan

Sound engineer
Thomas Mirgaine

Mélanie Clénet

Artistic collaborations
Volodia Lesluin, Yumi Fujitani, Anne Rouquès




Compagnie Lunatic



L’Académie Fratellini (93);
Le Château de Monthelon (89);
Nil Obstrat à Saint Ouen l’Aumône (95);
Le Lieu de l’Autre, ancienne usine Anis Gras à Arcueil (94);
L’ancienne abbaye de Port-Royal, Musée National des Granges de Port-Royal (78);
La Filature à Bazancourt (51);
Les Noctambules à Nanterre (92);
Le Centquatre (75);
La compagnie 36 du Mois à Fresnes (94);
CIRCA, Pôle National des Arts du Cirque à Auch (32);
L’Atelier du Plateau (75);
L’Espace Germinal à Fosses (95)