De ses mains - Creation 2020

Creations, For all audiences

The project De ses mains (creation planned for 2020), mixing circus, plastic arts and musical theatre is a quatuor which is both the following and the contrast of Fileuse, creation of 2015, aerial solo on a musical poem by Laurence Vielle and Wilfried Wendling.

The project starts when Cécile Mont-Reynaud meets Simone Prouvé (daughter of the designer Jean Prouvé and grand-daughter of the painter Victor Prouvé), 87th year-od textile worker and weaver, whose work is at the intersection of arts, design, handicraft and architecture. 

De ses mains is a circular plastical and sound installation, a monumental structure composed by thousands of vertical strings, like a huge weaving loom. A quatuor share this landscape and find blended routes made of chain, thread, mark, stroke. Three women, like three Fades - an aerial acrobat, a poet-storyteller, a harpist - go trough and inhabit the circular and central space, in all the possible dimensions of space and spirit. A man, in contrast, is present as a painter at work.

Simone file et pédale
Simone teint le fil
Simone file la laine
Simone file le polyoéthylène
c’est la première à filer cette matière
qui laisse passer la lumière
tout en cachant l’intérieur de ta maison
Simone débobine la
bobine simple et dense
du fil de sa vie

                                    Laurence Vielle

Technical details

Duration 1h
Age  For all audiences
Places Circulaire - Intérieur

Artistic team

Conception & direction
Cécile Mont-Reynaud

Ecriture du texte original
Laurence Vielle

Scenography & lights
Gilles Fer

Sound scenography
Wilfried Wendling & Thomas Mirgaine

Hélène Breschand & Wilfried Wendling

Marc Feld

Dramaturgy - writting assistant
Paola Rizza

Direction assistant
Chloé Cassagnes

Mélanie Clénet

On stage
Cécile Mont-Reynaud - danse aérienne
Laurence Vielle - texte et voix
Hélène Breschand - harpes et voix
Marc Feld - peinture

De ses mains – Diaporama sonore


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